Tiffany DowToday we speak to Tiffany Dow who runs a number of internet based businesses, including selling informational products and publishing affiliate sales sites. Tiffany started her career ghostwriting for some of the top marketers on the internet. After five years of amassing inside information, she left ghostwriting behind and became a full-time Internet marketer herself.

How long have you been doing business on the internet for?

11 years. The day my son Shawn was diagnosed as an infant with RSV (a respiratory illness), I packed up my desk at a bank and went home, determined to find stay at home work.

Why the internet as a channel for your business?

It happened by accident, actually. I was surfing eBay for New York Jets gear for my husband’s birthday and saw a link that said “services.” I wondered what services eBay had and it turned out to be I realized I could foster relationships with a global client list on this site, and the internet was my means of communication with them.

Do you work full-time as an internet marketer?

Yes. I am now at the point where, if I feel like being a slacker and sitting in front of the TV eating bon bons and watching Tivo for a week or two, I can – and money still comes in. That’s a very freeing feeling. It makes me enthusiastic about when I actually DO put nose to the grindstone and get to work.

You sell Private Label Rights (PLR) Products. Can you explain for me what PLR means?

PLR is content that people can buy cheap, because multiple people are buying it and using it. It’s especially perfect for those who can’t afford top ghostwriting fees. The buyer gets it for $1 per page, for example, but the seller makes more because they’re selling it to multiple buyers.
[Niall: PLR can also be re-branded, when the buyer re-brands the content with him/herself as the author.]

What can I use PLR for? Where does it work best? Are there any limitations?

It all depends on what the PLR seller allows. Me personally, I like to be flexible. I allow it to be re-sold, given away, used on blogs etc. Others restrict the usage of their PLR. The only thing I don’t allow is for people to buy my PLR and turn around and sell it as PLR themselves.  I don’t think there’s one place it works best – the key is to finding well written PLR because quality is the top complaint among many PLR buyers.

I’d like to ask you about PLR ATM. Can you tell me a little about the product? I understand that it’s a product that helps me to set up my own PLR business?

My thinking is this – in just about every business model you find for Internet marketing, you’re required to write. So why not put your basic writing skills to good use and sell the content to multiple buyers? I make an average of $4200/month from selling PLR (at and the great thing is, the work is done ONCE and you profit time and time again. Plus, it’s an automated delivery system, so once you upload a new pack of PLR, there’s nothing else for you to do.

What format is PLR ATM in?

It’s a combination of eBook (PDF) and videos. I did this because people have different learning styles. So in the eBook, there will be certain places where it tells you to open up a specific video and watch it to implement the steps.

How did you generate buzz before the product went live?

I contacted a few people I respect in the industry to promote it, but otherwise I just let word of mouth spread. I DO like to build a buzz about a product in the months leading up to it just by sharing how it’s coming along. I don’t use PPC (have before and I hate it). I had a link in my sig file in the Warrior Forum but I think I replaced it with my latest product.

What methods have you used to market PLR ATM?

Joint Venture partnerships work best where other marketers promote the product on your behalf. And so do YouTube video tutorials. I get lots of emails from people who find my channel on YouTube, love all the free lessons, and then go buy everything I’ve ever written. That’s a good feeling.

How have your customers used the information in PLR ATM? Are there different business models that your customers have developed?

I noticed that those who implement all of the promotion steps do better than those who just stick a pack up and expect people to visit their site. I have had some people thrilled with their sales and list growing, including my own sister (a teacher who does PLR in her spare time). As for different business models, I’m inspired to see several students adding a twist on their PLR store. Some know graphics, so they add that – one has something very special she said she’ll be revealing, but even I don’t know what it is yet.

Can you give any success stories about your customers using the information you gave them?

I don’t keep track of names, but you’ll see people on my blog or Twitter letting me know they made sales or that a WSO (special ad) made sales. My Mom just launched her PLR store and with a small $5 pack has made almost $60 from it in a few days.

Are there limitations to who could use the information in PLR ATM? Will it work for everyone?

If you can write at an 8th grade level, then you can do this – and even if not, you can outsource your writing.

Do you have methods that you recommend to your customers to promote their PLR businesses?

Yes, it’s part of the course, but I never recommend PPC (everyone always asks that). I get about 80% of my business from Google searches, not paid ads.

If you were to launch another product tomorrow would you change anything? Have you launched any new products since PLR ATM?

My mentor, Craig Desorcy, called me to Launch Drama Mama after the launch of PLR ATM. What I did wrong was put a launch date on it and tell JV partners about it before everything was set up – and lo and behold I ran into a snag in getting ClickBank approval. I emailed a contact there, begged her to move me ahead of 200 people to get fast approval and they did – but just this once. I was in tears because some big names were set to email for me and I wasn’t live yet. It all worked out, but from now on I’ll be up and tested and working before I even breathe a word to a JV partner.

Because a PLR store takes a little time to be making serious money, I created Ghostwriting Cash with Craig Desorcy. That allows people to use the same writing skills, but get paid large sums of money fast. One of our students just emailed me saying she got a 19,000 page order! It’s life changing. And I remember ghostwriting and having one big marketer wire me $24,000 for future work. They toss money around like it’s nothing.

What are your future plans, either in internet marketing or otherwise?

Right now I’m developing a total newbie course but it’ll be polar opposite of what most marketers recommend. While they recommend you start with a focus on one thing, I’m teaching several things at once – and I don’t want my students worrying about WHY things are done at first. The first step is to learn the steps so that they’re repetitive in nature and easy for you. THEN you move on to theory and testing and all the advanced stuff.

PLR ATMIf you are interested in learning more about how to start your own PLR business like Tiffany’s you can download a free report here.

More details of all of Tiffany’s products and services are available at her blog where you will find updates on Tiffany’s business, all written in a refreshingly honest and open manner. You’ll find lots of information just by following Tiffany’s successes (and very occasional setbacks).

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