Sue FleckensteinWelcome to Sue Fleckenstein who operates the Buy PLR Today store, offering content and writing services to internet marketers. Selling PLR (Private Label Rights) means that Sue gets to sell multiple copies of content, and buyers get a reasonably priced product.

Hi Sue. How long have you been doing business on the internet for?

Just over a year ago I started ghost writing for others and then discovered PLR and liked the concept of creating an article once and selling it multiple times.  I also liked the fact that people will know I wrote the content myself.

I cater to online marketers looking for content for their websites or to create their own products. I wanted the flexibility of working my own hours and getting paid for my own efforts.

I now work full-time as an internet marketer and am happy to do so. I discovered that I enjoy writing and it is always great to be able to do what you love and create an income at the same time.

You sell Private Label Rights products through your Buy PLR Today store. Can you explain for me what PLR means?

PLR means Private Label Rights so according to the rights you purchase you can do almost anything with the content. You can change the content, split it up or combine articles into a report.

PLR comes in many different forms, articles, reports, ebooks, auto responder messages, squeeze pages, videos and more. You can turn the articles into videos and podcasts: your options are unlimited.

Many customers buy PLR to create content for their website or blog, and many times this content gives them a good basis for a new site. So using PLR to start a mini site is perfect.

Each seller of PLR gives you a licence which lists your rights. Most allow you to do almost anything with the PLR except to resell it as PLR.

Why should I buy PLR? Wouldn’t I be better writing (or buying) unique content?

The great thing about buying PLR is that all the research is done for you. If you have ever tried writing a good article from scratch it will take you an hour and a half to do, including all of the research.  With a quality PLR you can lightly rewrite the PLR and add your keywords in about 10 minutes. So you are really saving time.

What’s your main market?

I target affiliate marketers looking for content for their niche. Many customers use the PLR to use as giveaways to build a list and others combine the articles into a report.  I take topic requests and attempt to create a PLR pack which my customers are looking for. This way I know that once the pack is released it will make sales right away.

I understand that you have bought Tiffany Dow’s PLR ATM course and Peggy Baron’s book How to Become a PLR Writer. Did you have Buy PLR Today operational before you bought the book?

Yes I had this site up and running a couple of months ahead of time before buying How to Become a PLR Writer.

I actually used PLR ATM as a model for the site. I have to give Tiff Dow a lot of the credit for getting my site going. I used her PLR ATM course and followed it to the letter. At some point I will be doing a complete review on this product too. She is also great at getting back to you quickly if you have a question. What I like about her so much is that she actually responds to your emails. I enjoy reading her blog every day and the fact that she is just a regular mom with a family making a living online.

What prompted you to buy How to Become a PLR Writer?

I read some great reviews on the book and I am always looking to learn new ideas about writing and promoting PLR. Who doesn’t want to take their business to the next level?

Peggy’s book gave me some great ideas of things to implement on my site, which I am in the process of doing. Plus Peggy gave some useful advice on how to find topics to write about and ways to run a WSO on the Warrior Forum.

The free templates that Peggy offered were great for learning how to create your own squeeze page and in writing up the sales page for using over at the Warrior Forum. The other stuff I don’t want to give away as people will have to read the book to find out. There was a great way of hooking up with someone who is about to release a new product is all I will say on that!

Plus I purchased Peggy’s book through the Warrior Forum where she offered an additional freebie of looking over one of my PLR packs, so it was great to get another writer’s feedback on that.

I’d like to ask you about your store Buy PLR Today.

I write all my own content as though I am writing for myself, and target many different niches. Every pack on my site is written by me. I take the time and do keyword research and try to ensure that each article can be changed easily and quickly. All a customer has to do is change up the title and the first and last paragraph. Then sprinkle their keywords throughout the body and write a good resource box with a call to action.

As I mentioned I write packs based upon topic requests so I am catering to my customers needs.

I am actually in the process of changing my site and offering packs in a different way, to make my PLR store stand out more.

My new packs are going to include:

  • Articles
  • a report
  • 7 autoresponder messages
  • video articles
  • a squeeze page

I am thinking about adding an ebook and sales page. I just have to have enough time to create the books.

This is why I will be promoting a new site as a One Stop Shop for PLR. A customer can buy all their needs for their website in one place.

This way the packs are almost a complete mini site. The customer would have to create a blog and use the information and create an opt in. The free report will be ready to go and the 7 messages can be customized to fit their product. I am still working out a price point and how many copies I will sell of each. It will either be 50 or 100.

How do you decide on the subject matter for your PLR?

My topic request box brings me in lots of ideas of what to write about. I visit forums to see what is being discussed. Magazines are a great source of ideas especially for items in the health and weight loss categories.

What’s your best selling product?

I have a weight loss pack which is one of my best sellers along with packs on diabetes and Plantar Fasciitis.

Do you offer exclusive content, ie for one customer only, at a premium cost, or do you always sell multiple copies?

If a customer contacts me for a custom order I will certainly do that but the price will be higher.

What format do you supply content in?

I offer my content as articles in packs of 5 and 10 usually, reports, auto responder messages and blog posts. I am coming out with additional items very shortly which will help marketers even more.

How have you marketed Buy PLR Today?

Basically I post my pack on my site and then send out an email to my list notifying them of the new material.  I have this set up so it posts to my Facebook and Twitter accounts.

I also post to my accounts on social sites such as Digg and StumbleUpon and have found this to produce sales. I just go into my accounts and bookmark the new page with my new pack. I add my keywords to them always using the keyword PLR somewhere. I then add my own comment and publish it. I have a Google Alert on all of my new packs plus my own name and this shows me when and if the pages get indexed. Many times I have done nothing more than this and have woken up to sales in my inbox the next morning.

I use the Awstats analytics feature on Hostgator and from there you can see which pages and article packs are generating visitors and where the visitors come from. This is an often overlooked feature of Hostgator and is very useful. I am still learning how to read all the info correctly.

I recently ran a Warrior Special Offer and keep this link in my sig file and this brings me in additional sales.

I also use Google Alerts to find blogs to post relevant comments to and this brings me in some backlinks for my site.

Another thing I am going to do that I got from Peggy’s book is to have a sample pack available: there will be an opt in box to receive this where I will capture email details. This way I am creating two lists, one which is a buyer list, and a list that opted in for the freebie. As the freebie seeker buys my PLR they will be removed from that list and put onto my customer list. This is the list which will get the first notifications of new packs, specials and of any WSO that I run.

What are your future plans, either in internet marketing or otherwise?

My future plan is to first create another PLR site offering more content packs. I also dabble in affiliate marketing myself and would like to do this more. I still ghost write for clients and this keeps me very busy.

Personally for me I enjoy walking and am looking forward to walking some 10km walks this summer. There is one in particular which you walk with your dog and raise money for the local dog shelter. We have two labs and the younger one Skyla loves to walk. She used to run 14kms with my son before he left for the Army.


Buy PLR Today provides quality content at affordable prices. Not everyone can afford the prices to have custom articles written. By providing PLR content to her customers Sue is offering them the same quality but at reduced prices.

Tiffany Dow’s PLR ATM
Peggy Baron’s How to Become a PLR Writer ebook

Sue also writes a blog at where you will find her thoughts on the How to Become a PLR Writer ebook and her business.


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