Craig MichaelsToday we talk to Craig Michaels about using Private Label Rights products to grow a web-based business, and how he has launched of PLRNicheClub 2.0 – a membership site that offers PLR products.

Hello Craig. Can you tell me how long have you been doing business on the internet for?

I first developed the notion that it was possible to make money online about 4-5 years ago. When I first started, I fell victim to many scams and get rich schemes. I was introduced to the finer points of internet marketing thanks to the Rich Jerk and Warrior Forums.

Why the internet as a channel for your business?

The internet is perfect because it serves as a centralized informational database. As long as you have good content, people can take advantage of it whether they are from the Caribbean islands or rural farmland in Asia.

Do you work full-time as an internet marketer?

I guess you can call it that. I am also a college student so between studies and internet marketing I like to pursue new hobbies that I think will aid to my personal development (strength training or martial arts anyone??)

I don’t find myself ever working for someone else so I will likely always be a full time marketer or entreprenuer.

You sell Private Label Rights (PLR) Products. Can you explain for me what PLR means?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights and it is a concept that started to become popular in the Internet Marketing realm around 2004, after the initial wave of resell rights started to die.

Simply put, Private Label Rights is a special permission that grants you full authorship to a certain type of content. You can claim yourself as the author, and do whatever you want with the content as long as you abide by the Private Label License. Most licenses generally allow the customer free reign over what they can do with the material but restrictions may apply.

What can I use PLR for?

You can use PLR Articles as aids in submitting original articles to directories, or use PLR as content on your blog. You can also obtain rights to PLR eBooks to sell as products on your sales pages or ecommerce shops.

In my experience, PLR is best to use when you want to develop a new product in a niche but have no foundation to look at. If you obtain PLR from high quality suppliers, it will almost serve as a business in a box for a marketer to use with the only requirements is modifications to enhance the package as a whole.

Why should I buy PLR? Wouldn’t I be better developing (or buying) unique content?

PLR is more affordable and time efficient than buying unique content. Also, you can use PLR to quickly research a new niche if you don’t have a lot of traditional knowledge in that field.

As they say, Knowledge is Power, and by having memberships to good PLR programs you will have a constant supply of new knowledgeable material at your fingertip.

Of course there will never be a substitute for high quality, original content but with time and money as factors PLR shines as a great alternative.

What’s your main market?

Because I am an online entrepreneur I try to invest my interests into many different markets. With that being said, the majority of my list subscribers are Internet Marketers with a huge segment interested in Article Marketing and PLR Content.

PLRnicheclub-bookI’d like to ask you about your new product PLRNicheClub 2.0.

We offer our members two exclusive, high-quality PLR product packages every month complete with a salesletter, articles, affiliate tools, and more.

Also included in our customer’s membership is an access pass to PLReBookClub – Clickbank’s #1 PLR/Resell Rights, Updated Bonuses, and One-on-One Support. As such, the product isn’t in one format, but arranged in different types as it is a membership program.

What makes your PLR content better than anyone elses? There are lots of sources of PLR available.

Having had to have scope the internet looking for PLR material for weeks at a time for my marketing campaigns, I know first-hand that with PLR it can be a total hit or miss. Sometimes you are lucky when you buy a PLR package and end up getting a phenomenal product. Other times you will get lacklustre graphics and content that looks like it is written by an 8th grader.

I wanted to end all that with my membership site. Be the one stop solution for all traditional

PLR and Resell Rights along as provide exclusive, high quality niche PLR packages to my members.

So how did I do that? Well first, I had to find high quality service men in their respective fields. That means I had to find the best copywriters, graphic designers, and content writers in order to make sure that my PLR packages would be something that I would personally use in my own marketing.

Once they past my standard of quality, I package them off in limited quantities, exclusively to my members.

How do you decide on the subject matter for your products?

The markets that I choose to create PLR Packages for have chosen to be sellers time and time again. We are talking about the same type of products you find top Clickbank vendors selling so there is definitely a demand for these type of informational products. Not only that, but many of these niche markets I have personally ventured into and profited from so I know first-hand the profitability of these niches.

How have you marketed PLRNicheClub 2.0?

Since the prelaunch has just started (January 26th) I have only shown my website to select friends and marketing partners as well as had open specials on the Warrior Forum.

Soon I will be branching out to other marketers, websites, and blogs in order to build more of a buzz regarding my new launch.

Moving along, SEO wise, I will be running campaigns over the next 1-8 weeks in order to secure more prominent positions on related terms to my product website. This will help passive sales come in as well as help establish a lasting reputation of my website.

I don’t feel that one marketing method is specifically better than any others. Some generate faster results while others are more significant for long term consistency.

I like to mix a little bit of everything for the best results, like having a good diet.

What are your future plans, either in internet marketing or otherwise?

Internet Marketing wise, there are so many ideas and projects I have yet to hop on to.

Most immediately, I am going to continue to expand my membership site, and work on creating a new marketing blog / services website. I’m also establishing new contacts and bettering my relations with current marketing partners.

In a few years I’d like to be more established as an Internet Marketer and have a number of solid product and services out there.

The internet is truly limitless, so I too am anxiously anticipating the future.

plrnicheclubPLRNicheClub 2.0 will provide exclusive, high quality PLR packages monthly to subscribers along with training videos and support for those who need more guidance along the way. Craig tells me that PLRNicheClub 2.0 is your one-stop niche domination solution for high-octane niche PLR at an affordable price.

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