Welcome to Peggy Baron, the author of the ebook Become A PLR Writer and a newsletter called Professional PLR Provider. Peggy also sells her own PLR content. Today we find out about the popularity of Private Label Rights material and how you can build a business around it.

Hi Peggy. How long have you been doing business on the internet for?

I started my first website in 2003, but it was more of just an after-thought to show off the physical product – a ‘real’ newsletter. I really didn’t understand what Internet marketing was all about at that point. Eventually I went on from there to grow that website and turn the physical newsletter into a digital newsletter. A digital product is sure easier to put together and deliver than a physical product!

Why the internet as a channel for your business?

It’s funny, but what attracted me to online marketing was the fact that you could be anonymous.  But eventually I figured out that cliché “no man is an island” is true and that to be successful on the Internet you have to network. This, as it turns out, is not only more productive and lucrative but also more fun.

Do you work full-time as an internet marketer?

Yes I do and I count my blessings that I’m able to.  I’ve got several online ventures but my main thing is writing and selling PLR. It’s a perfect fit for me – I like to write articles and I like to see people buy my articles at a great price and put them to use.

Before working full-time as an internet marketer, I was doing some pet sitting.  That was loads of fun, but not much money. Plus it meant I had to walk dogs every day at noon and couldn’t easily create my own day and go skiing if I wanted to.

What can I use PLR for?

PLR stands for Private Label Rights and owning products (could be articles, videos, ebooks, reports and more) with PLR means you can use them in a number of ways. They become your own and you can change them up, add to them, or split them into several items. Most often, marketers use PLR as content for their blogs, as reports to give away to grow their lists, and in newsletters or emails for their subscribers.

Limitations depend on the terms of service of the PLR you bought.  Usually you’ll find the PLR provider does not want you selling the PLR on to others as PLR.

I’d like to ask you about your ebook Become A PLR Writer.

Yes, this ebook, Become a PLR Writer, is for people who want to learn how to write and sell their own PLR. Many people are struggling online to make money and yet they can write well. So this business model, having their own PLR shop, means they can market what they do best and don’t have to put a lot of money into getting started.

What are the costs involved in setting up my own PLR shop?

Well, the costs would be with buying a domain name and hosting.  That’s if you’re doing your own writing.  If you end up outsourcing some of the writing then there would be that cost too.

What methods have you used to market your ebook?

I did a very, very soft launch of this ebook, and I have yet to go full-out with affiliates.  That’s because I wrote the book really fast (which is easy to do when you’re passionate about something) in order to have it ready for a blog interview I was doing.  I then set up the backend, after the fact, with a paid subscription newsletter called Professional PLR Provider to go into even further detail of selling/marketing PLR.

With a soft launch it gives you time to work out any bugs that might arise and get feedback that you’re on the right track.

Besides some interviews, I’ve told my list, used social media, and advertised it on the Warrior Forum as a WSO.

My list is always the first to know anything because I care about these people and try to cater to their wants and needs.

As far as social medial goes, I like to use Twitter. I’ve built relationships with other bloggers and when they visit my blog, they will retweet my posts. ( I do the same for them.) And when I tweet about a new product I’ve put out, I may ask for a retweet, which goes a long way in spreading the word.

Forums are a great marketing tool, especially the Warrior Forum as it has so many participants. Even if I don’t do a WSO, every time I comment on a thread  the links to my product(s) are in my signature line.

If you were to launch another product tomorrow, what would it be?

I’ve got way more projects in my little brain that want to come out than I have time for!  But right now I’m concentrating on the Professional PLR Provider newsletter and making it the best it can be, plus writing more PLR.  I just finished a complete PLR package with ebook, short report, autoresponder emails, website graphics, sales page, etc. and I’ve been marketing that.

How have your customers used the information in Become A PLR Writer?

The ebook is still so new, and it involves setting up a site and writing PLR packs so I haven’t seen results from those just starting out yet.  However, I’ve seen PLR writers who have already been in existence tweak their sites and brands in really cool ways and set the bar even higher for quality PLR that customers want to buy.

I’ve gotten quite a few good questions too, which shows me people are really taking action.  That makes me happy.

Will Become A PLR Writer work for everyone?

While you can outsource all the PLR writing if you want, I think this business model is for people who like to write. They don’t have to be expert writers, but it helps to have a handle on grammar and spelling.

Of course, it won’t work for people who don’t actually take action!

Do you have methods that you recommend to your customers to promote their PLR businesses?

Yes I do and that information is a big part of the ebook. Promotion is everything.

What are your future plans?

In my personal life, I’m training to run a marathon relay. Internet-wise I’ve got several PLR projects I want to complete before the end of the year. I will continue to grow my brand and help others to become successful.

If starting your own PLR writing business appeals to you, Peggy’s ebook, How To Become a PLR Writer, will be a big help.  She’s got shortcuts and tips and a lot of great insights because she’s already successfully walking the walk.  You can also find out about her newsletter Professional PLR Provider.

If you are interested in Peggy’s PLR products for sale you’ll find them at http://allstarplr.com.

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  1. Sue says:

    Really great interview. I have Peggy’s book and have to say it is packed full of really helpful information.

    I love Peggy’s goal of running in a marathon. I plan to get into lots of walking this spring and maybe take part in some 10 km walks. They have one in our area that you can do with your dog, so that really appeals to me.


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