Justin PopovicJustin Popovic has been doing business on the internet for just over 3 years, offering PLR product creation, blogging, WordPress and general business coaching, and professional speaking. Justin runs his business full time and uses the internet as his main method of marketing and promotion.

Hello Justin. Why did you chose the internet as a channel for your business?

The internet makes it easy to scale my business and sell to people anywhere in the world. I live in a small town so it lets me tap into a global market. If there was no internet, I would run a lot of live training and speaking events. I could definitely succeed offline, I would use many of the same methods (partnerships, networking, using education based marketing, writing, speaking, etc…)

You sell Private Label Rights (PLR) Products. Can you explain for me what PLR means?

PLR in my eyes includes any digital product that you can rebrand as your own and use it as a means of marketing your business.

What can I use PLR for?

You can use PLR to promote any kind of business. Online or offline. It works the best when marketing products and services online (websites, blogs, newsletters, autoresponders, reports, etc…). The only limitations are the ones defined in the PLR license for each product.

I have experienced some poor quality PLR. Why should I buy PLR? Wouldn’t I be better writing (or buying) unique content?

If the PLR is poor quality then you should not use it. No business owner should ever be happy putting their name on anything less than top quality content. You should buy PLR only when the quality meets your own standards and you should really use PLR as a baseline. Don’t just sell the PLR as is, but rather, start with the PLR product and make modifications so that it matches your style and your business model.

What’s your main market?

The main market is other marketers who are looking for tools and products to help them sell additional products and services. For example, we have some great PLR products that teach topics like Facebook, Twitter, SEO and Blogging. You could put your company logo on these products and use the product to introduce yourself to a company. Once they see this material they will be more inclined to do larger deals with you. The same could apply to selling products online.

I’d like to ask you about your PLR store Best Quality PLR and the membership business model.

The membership model works better for both parties. For us as business owners, we have a certain number of members who renew every month and we can bank on that revenue. We use this revenue to continue to grow and improve our program. Our members benefit because each month they receive products that would cost them more to buy individually than it costs them to pay the monthly fee… They save and we get long term clients. Win win.

How do you make your business stand out?

I would say first and foremost our support. Any member (or individual PLR buyer for that matter) can contact us directly at our support email address. We handle all of our requests personally and make sure that every member feels like we are listening and that we value their business. We let our members tell us what kind of products they want and we deliver it to them. We also make sure our writing, video and audio is at the highest level of quality possible. So far, the feedback has indicated that we are on the right track.

Do you write your own content or do you outsource the writing?

Both. My business partner Ted and I are both passionate product creators but we also outsource a lot of article writing on certain topics.

We have a few private partnerships and I also have an amazing working relationship with http://contentequalsmoney.com/

How do you decide on the subject matter for your PLR?

For products we create ourselves we go by our own experiences. My company has made money online, offline and everywhere in between. We have literally 100s of lessons learned that can be translated into high quality PLR. For topics that we don’t have personal experience with (for example, mobile marketing), we outsource the writing and research and we have additional partners look at our content to validate the quality is on par for the industry.

What’s your best selling product?

Every product has made sales. The best selling product so far is Kiss Your Comfort Zone Goodbye personal development PLR.

Health and fitness, offline marketing, internet marketing based products and personal development subjects seem to be in demand all of the time.

Right now we do not offer exclusive content but we are equipped to do so. If any larger organizations want to arrange exclusive content, we have the ability to deliver on this.

As of now we don’t limit the number of copies of a particular product but we are keeping an eye on the number of licenses in distribution. If it becomes an issue, we will limit the numbers. So far, we offer a large enough selection that this simply hasn’t been a problem for us.

What format do you supply content in?

Articles, ebooks, reports, autoresponder articles, blog posts, tweets, audio, video. It seems like all formats of content are popular so we try to include as many forms of media as possible with each PLR release. For example, when we sell an article bundle, we also include the articles bundled as an ebook, articles narrated to mp3 and video as well.

How have you marketed Best Quality PLR?

Primarily through the Warrior forum. We have done some PPC marketing on Google, some Facebook ads and we have fairly decent SEO ranking on Google. I can think of at least 3 or 4 members who have joined recently that came to our site through a longer tail Google search.

On the Warrior forum, we create a special offer for every product we add to the members area. We offer a limited number of PLR licenses but we also give them the option to buy into our membership at a special price. Most of our members were originally buyers of a single PLR product but they liked our content so much that they upgraded to the membership. Having a list of “previous buyers” is the best thing you can do to grow your business.

How do you deal with the sales and delivery of your products and customer service?

We use DL Guard software to ensure automated delivery and we do personal support on all emails. We also run our program on WordPress so members can use the contact form or leave comments on the post for each product if they have any problems. We respond in less than 24 hours to every request.

We have had no horror stories per se. Most of my tricky customers do not come from my PLR business. When we do larger consulting deals, that’s when clients can get difficult to work with. All in all, we have been very lucky in this area.

What are your future plans, either in internet marketing or otherwise?

We plan to grow our PLR site to be the #1 PLR site online. Personally I plan to market myself more as a speaker. I run a personal development blog and I do success based talks so I will be focusing on growing my name in this area as well. I am currently #1 on google for “success coach”.


If you are looking for the highest quality PLR products that you can be proud to put your name on, check out Best Quality PLR. Justin and Ted are real business owners and they want to build and grow their business in partnership with you.




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