Josh AndersonToday we welcome Josh Anderson. Josh is a veteran of our industry, having started his first internet company in 2002. Josh owns a company that provides Ecommerce and New Media solutions and services.

Hi Josh. Do you work full-time as an internet marketer?

While I definitely do internet marketing I would not describe what I do as being a “full time” internet marketer since a good portion of my time in the office is spent on activities other than internet marketing.

What are your main areas of business?

I own a company that primarily is focused on providing Ecommerce and New Media solutions and services to web based businesses and publishers. I also do some of my own information publishing., which is our primary operation, is an ecommerce automation and business centalization platform that provides sales funnel automation, subscriber management, content delivery, fulfillment automation, and affiliate management automation among other things. is an outlet for publishing information and resources to individuals and companies interested in or involved in web video publishing. The membership has a focus on direct response video production and “optimization” strategies for boosting response which my partner Scott Lundergan and I are particularly passionate about. is player technology that another partner and I have been focused on developing for the past few years and which we are currently working on building a new web service based on.

I have other older sites, software, and projects but those are my three core focuses right now.

Why the internet as a channel for your business?

My background is in offline direct sales, advertising, retail and wholesale, etc. so if there was no internet I would still be doing that. But since my primary business is providing web based services and web video publishing solutions obviously I would have to do something else if the “internet didn’t exist.”

You run Optimize Your Video which is a service that teaches creation and optimisation of video content.

Can you explain what the benefit of video content is over text content?

I would not pit the two against each other. They each serve equal importance in various forms of communication. Video can be easier to consume for some who just want to sit and watch for enjoyment or education. Some instruction is more effective via video and some people are more visual and respond better to video. However, text too can be at times more appealing and useful than video. The key is to use both effectively. My vision has been to create solutions and methods of delivering media and premium content in multiple formats and automate the process of delivery so that the clients can consume it in the formation that they prefer. This is a form of optimization… content delivery and consumption optimization.

It all depends on what your target audience expects or wants. For example if they are searching on YouTube they want video… but that is not always true for visitors to your website unless they know and expect it. So sometimes you need to at the least provide text supplements or alternative formats for consuming the content. The Optimize Your Video website is a good example of this. You will notice that our landing page has a video at the top that explains everything about the offer and what to expect in the site… yet below it we also have a text and html based version of the content for those who prefer to read or skim text rather than listen to the 5 minute video.

Also inside Optimize Your Video you again will find a variety of text, images, videos, audios, diagrams, blue prints, downloadable tools and resources because we know that not everything can be said in a video.

Video has its place, text has its place, one does not replace the other.

I understand that Google has increased the amount of videos that it includes in its natural search results.

The reason for this is because demand for web video is increasing, especially with improvements in broadband internet infrastructure and connection speeds. Video, which used to be a pain to load and watch in the days of slow internet speeds, can now stream instantly and be consumed endlessly. The internet is the biggest and best source of on demand video content the world has ever known.

The simplest way to benefit from video search results in Google is to upload useful and/or entertaining content to YouTube. Google displays YouTube videos in their search results. They display videos from other video sharing how to sites and valuable video sharing content sites as well but YouTube is the primary source for search results. Also don’t forget that YouTube itself is the world’s #2 search engine. That is right – YouTube is the second most popular search engine on the web. More people do searches on YouTube than on MSN and Yahoo.

Can video help in any way in pushing free traffic to a website?

Yes, video can help push traffic to your website. Include a “bug” or URL in the content of your video (usually at the bottom) and/or lace your content with hooks or compelling reasons or invitations for the person consuming and enjoying the content to go to your website.

YouTube and other video sharing sites can be a source of traffic in this way. You can also include a link to your site in the description of your video on sites like YouTube. It’s best to put this link at the first word in your YouTube video description so it is visible even when the description is collapsed.

Video podcasting can be another way to drive traffic to your site using the same bug and compelling hook and invitation methods that make people want to go to your site. If you have compelling and quality content in a podcast submitted to the iTunes podcast directory you can generate viewers and subscribers there that you can then encourage to visit your website.

There are also live streaming community sites like Ustream, Stickam etc. where you can start your own free live streaming shows with the potential of attracting targeted viewers.

Do you think that we have reached the maximum potential of displaying video content on websites?

YouTube has only gained its popularity in the last half a decade. We are just out of the “Model T” years of internet. This is only the beginning. Connections are getting faster… the landscape has yet to settle. There will be all sorts of innovations and driving factors as well as politics and man made and technological setbacks before we even begin to see what the potential of video online is.

I could capture video with my cellphone, edit it with free software and have it uploaded to YouTube very quickly. Would you recommend that, or should I be more sophisticated?

Your video should only be as sophisticated as necessary to boost interest, consumption and response. Some of the world’s most popular videos are nothing more than odd people sitting in front of a webcam acting outrageous. There are people who have been launched into mainstream media careers using nothing more than build in webcams and simple editing software to produce popular web shows.

I’d like to talk to you about how you market Optimize Your Video.

How long has this service been around?

It started with an idea and a raw video taped mastermind session between Scott and I a few years ago… we have been developing the content, strategies, tools, and resources for several years. However 2.0 just celebrated its 1st year available to the public.

How did you decide to create Optimize Your Video?

Just looking around at all the really bad direct response videos, seeing videos that stutter and fail to load fast, seeing how many people who wanted to establish themselves as direct response web video producers but did not really understand the market and lacked the tools and resources, and of course all the unanswered or incorrectly answered questions found in various forums and communities online… and knowing that our clients were absolutely killing it and dominating their markets with our strategies… that lead us to want to put out powerful, affordable, and comprehensive resources that anyone can use to master and dominate direct response web video publishing online.

What format is Optimize Your Video in?

Multiple formats. Text, html, PDFs, videos, audios, diagrams, images, screen shots, blue prints, resources, downloads etc. Its one of the most comprehensive resources for direct response web video publishing training, strategies, tools, and resources online.

How have you marketed Optimize Your Video?

The primary method of marketing for all my products and services is that we have our own affiliate program. Since I own and operate one of the most powerful affiliate management systems and affiliate networks at Nanacast we run the affiliate program through that platform.

Social marketing, forums, etc. We do that too.

We actually are just now starting to recruit affiliates for Optimize Your Video. We’ve been told we deliver more value than many of the recent high ticket video marketing launch products.

We rely on our reputations as experts to the experts… you’d be surprised at the big names who either contact us for advice or who use our products and services. There is nothing more effective in the long term than a rock solid reputation for over-delivery. We are here for the long haul and we deliver strategies that are not only relevant but which are always kept up to date and on the cutting edge… we are evergreen.

Is there anything you would do differently to market another product?

Whatever is honest, legal, ethical and produces results. We always leave the door open for new strategies.

What are your future plans, either in internet marketing or otherwise?

“The same thing we do every day Pinky… try to take over the world.” Development at my company in the ecommerce, new media, and web video technologies markets is a daily ongoing activity. I have full time development and customer support staff. My plans are to continue developing solutions for those growth markets.


Optimize Your Video will save anyone publishing video to the web time, energy, and money and is guaranteed to boost your bottom line. You owe it to yourself to check out the site. – Increase Response – Boost Consumption – Make Video Sell More!



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