I’m delighted to welcome Jennifer Clason today. Jennifer is a great example of someone seeing an opportunity and grabbing it with both hands to make money. She has worked in a number of business models in the past and is currently creating and selling sites based on affiliate marketing – the Physical Affiliate model that Jan Roos recently made popular, as well as running a design company. You can read Jan’s thoughts about affiliate marketing here

Hi Jennifer. How long have you been doing business on the internet for?

I’ve been working on the Internet since 1999, albeit not in mainstream internet marketing. I first started out in the adult webmaster industry and I just made the crossover to mainstream internet marketing in the fall of 2010.

Do you work full-time as an internet marketer?

Yes I have worked full time from home since 2001 in the adult niche and now the mainstream market. It seems like every few years I “reinvent” myself when my current thing fizzles out, I move onto something else, but overall it is all doing business online.

Why the internet as a channel for your business

My business exists in an internet vacuum. Since I am selling basically web design services, I would not be able to take my businesses offline. Perhaps I could go into something like graphic design and print media, but it’s a bit of a stretch from web design.

What are your main areas of business?

I have two business entities right now. I have a web banner design service called “The Banner Chick” (www.bannerchick.com) and I also have a service where I am incorporating all of the Amazon affiliate and SEO knowledge that I’ve learned and am building Amazon Review sites for people. While The Banner Chick has had some impressive feats such as building banners for the “Edun Corporation” which is owned by singer Bono of the band, U2, I definitely make most of my money building the Amazon Review sites. And I’ve been very fortunate, every single person I’ve worked with has liked the site I’ve built for them and some of them have even come back for another, so it’s turned into a full time income stream.

Do you have a network of sites that you use to promote/sell affiliate products?

Yes I have my own Amazon Affiliate review sites in the same vein as the sites I am building for people. I learned about Amazon Affiliate marketing through courses like Jan Roos’ Physical Affiliate, The Niche Marketing Program and the Amazonian Profit Plan. I incorporate everything I’ve learned from these to design my own sites and sites for others.

Do you promote physical products or virtual/digital products.

I have always been a physical product seller. I don’t build mailing lists or create sales pages, I’ve just always tended to lean towards selling merchandise with an affiliate code. That just seems to be what my comfort zone is. I wouldn’t know the first thing about how to build an email list.

Do you sell/promote products exclusively from Amazon, or from other suppliers?

While I mostly use Amazon, I also promote Buy.com and another supplier which is specific to a “self defense weapons” site that I have. It has been my experience that Amazon knows how to convert visitors into sales. And while they do have low commissions unfortunately, their conversion ratios are high. So basically all you have to do is get someone onto Amazon and they’re bound to buy something even if it’s not what you’re selling. I would say most of my sales aren’t even products that I’m physically selling.

Did you do affiliate marketing before you purchased Jan’s Physical Affiliate course?

Actually Jan’s course was the very first WSO that I had purchased when I made the leap into Internet Marketing from adult. So it was my very first experience. I have had other experiences with diversification like using CPA offers, AdSense, and such but it always came back to the most money I was making was with these Amazon Affiliate sites that I had learned from Jan’s WSO. And not to take anything away from Jan because his strategies are also good, but I think the WordPress Review theme by Colleen Slater is what really makes these sites convert.

Click for more information about the WordPress Review Theme.

How much research do you do on subject matter/niche before you develop a site?

I can spend minutes to over an hour searching. It depends on how lucky I get and what I find. Amazon sells millions of products and sometimes you have to dig deep. My criteria for a good keyword phrase is one that has over 1000 exact local searches per month on Google and the product must be selling for at least $100 on Amazon. Why? Because the commissions are so low at Amazon, you want to make at least $6-7 per sale.

How do you promote your sites?

I have to be on page one for all of my keywords.

For my own sites I outsource almost all of the backlinking. I have a guy who works for me at Odesk who is a backlinking genius and I love his work. I’ve recommended several people to him and now he’s got a full time job backlinking. Other off page SEO I’ve done is created hub pages, submitted articles, and used tools like Scrapebox to get some backlinks out there.

So the promotion method that is the most successful is just getting up there in the SERPs.

Can you give any ‘secret’ tips for building or promoting a review site?

I’m going to dig into the Amazonian Profit Plan to tell you secret tips. The Amazonian Profit Plan is a program owned by two housewives in Australia who have successfully made over $10,000 a month on Amazon products alone. So they know what they’re doing. Their secrets to success are all about the reviews. Since the consumer cannot physically see the product that they’re looking to buy, the reviews must explain the benefits – why it will improve their life if they buy it. It also must explain what it looks like, what the dimensions are, and the features of the item. The secret in building a good review site is all about unique, unbiased, well-written reviews that are at least 500 words at the very bare minimum.

How successful have your review sites been?

My own review sites have been marginally successful. I won’t say that I am making what Jan Roos is, but then again I only own about 5 sites of my own. I was planning on building a lot more of my own portfolio but I’ve been building sites for other people, which I think in the short term will bring me a lot more money than trying to establish my own sites. It may not be a long term venture but perhaps then I can get back to sites of my own.

Do you market these as ‘Jan Roos’ – type sites? Could you offer this service without leveraging Jan’s name?

Actually I did do it for over a month without using his name. But people kept asking me “is this the Jan Roos method” that I actually added his name on the sales page. So yes, I was running a successful offer before I added that in there for clarification purposes only. I’m not trying to ride on the coat-tails of Jan Roos. I actually use other strategies that he doesn’t mention in his Physical Affiliate course. I like and respect Jan a lot and I am incorporating the theme he uses plus a lot of his ideas, but it is not only his ideas that I am incorporating.

I have hired a full time staff to help me build the sites I’m building for other people because it would literally take me months to build these sites alone. If I was doing it alone, it would take one full day to build one site. Now I have writers on staff (Precision Content Creation – who are excellent by the way!) and my Virtual Assistant who builds the site and does SEO. I put the finishing touches on it with the graphics and we can crank out 3-4 of these sites per day.

But that doesn’t mean quality is thrown by the wayside. I am the last person to touch these sites and I make sure they look spectacular before I turn them over to the customer. Also if a customer has an issue, I will make it right with them every time. Excellent customer service is my biggest goal out of all of this.

How successful has this business model been? Why did you decide this was a business model worth developing?

It has been astonishingly successful. So much that I have had to hire a full time staff to help me keep up with the orders. In the beginning I was building these sites all by myself and turning them around in about 48 hours. Now I’ve got about a 10 day turnaround and that is with full time staff helping me out. So I’ve really had success as far as sales go.

So much in fact that I developed an affiliate program for the sites through DigiResults. I chose DigiResults because I like the way that they pay out affiliates instantly via PayPal instead of them having to wait for commission checks.

I highly encourage anyone to mention my site building service. Not only are these sites selling like hotcakes, but you will also get $23.00 per sale. You can sign up at https://www.digiresults.com/marketplace/192

Have you considered building sites with the intention of selling/flipping them?

I didn’t create them with that intention but it actually happened to me anyway. I had a Home Security Camera site up as one of my examples on the WSO sales page and someone came to me and said “I don’t want you to build me a site, but I would like to buy that site from you”. So I sold it to him with backlinks and everything I’d done to promote it for a nice little profit.

What keeps you motivated and focused?

It sounds like such a politically correct answer but it is my clients that keep me motivated. I just want to deliver the best sites that I can and provide great customer service. I genuinely care if people are happy with their sites or not and if they are not, I wanna do whatever it takes to make it right with them. To this day I haven’t had a single unhappy customer. Not to say certain customers haven’t had issues with their sites, but I went the extra mile to make them happy and I think they appreciate that.

To be honest, it’s not easy to stay focused! At any given time I’ve got about 30-40 sites that are waiting to be built and I have to not only keep track of who they belong to but what their niches are. And to further complicate things, some clients have special requests that I try to accommodate the best that I can. But at the end of the day I just want to manage my employees and subcontractors, get the sites done as fast as possible but not at the expense of quality. Quality is very important.

What are your future plans, either in internet marketing or otherwise?

Who knows? I mean right now I’m riding this Amazon Review site wave and when it fizzles out I’m sure I’ll have figured out another product by then. I’m pretty good at thinking out of the box and coming up with a service that people need. People may not consider the service industry as a part of internet marketing, but I think it’s a huge part. So while my own sites simmer I will come up with another service to offer people I’m sure.

Jennifer will build an Amazon Review site from the courses that she’s learned from Jan Roos, the Niche Affiliate Program, and the Amazonian Profit Program and create your own Amazon Affiliate review site. The site will have five products in a niche that either you can choose or Jennifer will do the research for an extra fee. It will have five 500 word product reviews that should convert your curious visitors into sales.

You can see Jennifer’s WSO at http://www.warriorforum.com/warrior-forum-classified-ads/310121-very-popular-i-will-build-you-your-very-own-complete-amazon-review-site-jan-roos-warrior-special-offer.html, but if you are interested in buying a site from Jennifer, why not consider using this link which would generate some commission for this site.

Click for more information about the WordPress Review Theme that Jennifer and Jan use to huge success.

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  1. J.B. says:

    I’m one of the few lucky people that Jen’s has built a site for. The result was awesome and all you have to worry is site promotion which can be outsourced.

    • Niall Kennedy says:

      Thanks for your comment. JB tells me that Jennifer only recently launched the site that Jennifer built for him, and he has started seeing sales already.

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