Jan RoosJan Roos is a full-time internet marketer, and has been for three years. Jan is originally from South Africa and is now based in the USA.

Hello Jan. Can you tell me what your main areas of business are?

I like to build sites that review physical products sold on Amazon, get them listed on the search engines and watch the sales pour in. That’s pretty much how I make my living and wouldn’t trade it for anything. Currently I have about ten sites that took me about 1 day each to build. These sites are now ranking well on the search engines and earn me a full time living.

Why did you choose to promote physical products rather than virtual/digital products. Isn’t it easier to promote digital products?

The commission rate on physical products is much lower than digital products which is why most people don’t want to promote physical products but they are missing one key point. With most digital products you can expect an average conversion rate of 1% which means that for every 100 visitors you send to the sales page one person will buy the product on average and most commissions are at around $15 – $27 per sale.

With physical products and more importantly Amazon you can also earn $15 per sale if you sell a product for $200 which is just as easy to sell as a $50 product but the real difference is in the conversion rate.

At the moment I get an average conversion rate of 10% which means that for every 100 visitors I send to Amazon I will sell 10 items which is unheard of. You would be hard pressed to find such a great conversion rate anywhere because Amazon has fine tuned their sales process so well over the years, which is why they are the Internet’s biggest online shopping mall.

Do you sell/promote products exclusively from Amazon, or from other suppliers?

Mostly from Amazon because of their high conversion rate but I also like to promote products that costs a lot of money. I have one site that promotes products in the 10K range and I make $500 in commission for every sale. I use the same review style websites to promote these products as well. Amazon also has some really expensive products one can promote. Other physical product affiliate networks one can use is Commission Junction , Linkshare and Google’s Affiliate Network.

Can you tell me about your review sites?

I make sure my sites have 100% unique content but it’s not much work. Each site has around 7 review articles of 500 words each. I outsource this as I can’t stand writing articles. As a matter of fact I now outsource everything from research to site building and promotion. When I was doing it myself it took about 1 day to build one site.

How do you promote your review sites?

I like free traffic from Google because once my sites are ranked on page one, they stay there and earn for me on auto pilot. I just came back from a 1 month vacation where I did zero work and my sites actually earned more than the previous month. This is why I love this business model so much.

How successful have your review sites been?

I am not making millions but I do make a decent living from my sites.  I earn between 4 and 9K per month from the ten sites I currently have and I am building more sites as we speak.

Can you give me two ‘secret’ tips for building or promoting a review site?

Well, there really is no secret as this stuff is pretty straight forward. The most important part is getting your keyword research right and then optimizing your sites well for those keywords otherwise you won’t get good search engine placement and therefore no traffic which means no sales.

Choosing the right products is also a biggie. For instance, I only promote products that costs over $100 because I want to make at least $8 per sale but I prefer products in the $200 range. Remember, people are already looking to buy these products they just don’t know which one yet so price is not an issue. Promote more expensive products as they are just as easy to sell as less expensive ones.  I also won’t promote products if they have less than 5 positive reviews on Amazon because this will indicate that people are not buying the particular product on Amazon and you will waste your time building a site around it.

I’d like to ask you about The Physical Affiliate – a product you launched recently.

Yes, I have a video course where I show people step by step how I research, build and promote a new site from scratch exactly the same way I do mine, with the same theme and everything.  People are loving this course and they are making money with it but I think I will be closing it soon because I don’t want to saturate my methods.

Can you tell me a little about the product? I understand that you explain your review site business strategy in detail?

It’s in video format with 14 videos that explains everything in detail. As far as I know there is nobody else that covers everything in so much detail and I am also not sure why people don’t make their courses newbie friendly. This is what people love most about my course. Once they are done going through the videos they are left with no guess work and can start implementing immediately. The course also comes with a 30 page PDF for reference.  The techniques I teach for ranking your websites on Google can be applied to any website which makes this a very valuable skill to have. I have some very advanced SEO techniques explained in easy to understand terms.

Any techniques to create buzz about your product?

I use video, articles, press releases etc to create buzz and also help with SEO.

Can you tell me a little about how you created the product?

I just used Camtasia to record myself during each step of the process. Love that piece of software.

If you are interested in learning more about Jan’s course you can find more details at the Warrior Forum.

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  1. Steve says:

    I have been trying to find where to order The Physical Affiliate with no luck. I tried. http://www.thephysicalaffiliate.com but the order button directed me to an error page on paypal. Is it still selling for $17? I have read and viewed rave reviews about it and I would really like to buy it. Thanks.

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