James RoseI’m delighted to introduce James Rose, the developer of SpinChimp – the article spinning application. James and his business partner Mark Beljaars have created one of the most fully-featured spinning applications in the market.

Hello James. Can you tell me how long have you been doing business on the internet for?

Aktura Technology was registered in July 2010, with SpinChimp launched a couple of weeks after that. Both Mark Beljaars  and I had been affiliate marketing for about 2 years before this.

Why the internet as a channel for your business?

Without the web, we wouldn’t exist at all! Our first product, SpinChimp, is designed specifically to article marketing and distribution, which is entirely web based. Our future products are going to be dedicated to various internet marketing methods, which of course will also require the web.

Do you work full-time as an internet marketer?

I guess right now that I can say yes, I do. I have been working at a ski resort in Canada for the last six months for some fun. With the season over, I am returning home where my plans are to dive straight in to improve and promote SpinChimp.

What are your main areas of business?

At the moment we don’t really have multiple areas. SpinChimp is our main (only) product, as we are currently putting massive hours into some new features. After that, we plan to expand.

SpinChimp helps to make article marketing more effective. Can you explain what Article Marketing is?

Article Marketing is so effective because it has a couple of effects for web promotion. At its lowest level, it is getting as much exposure as possible by submitting articles to directories, blogs and any website that will take your content. I have found it to be the single most effective method of promotion by a long shot. So much so that it occupies 90% of my promotion time. In fact, the idea for SpinChimp was born because we were writing our own scripts to spin articles as we didn’t like any products out there.

SpinChimp Square Button 125x125By distributing a whole lot of articles with links back to your website, you not only boost your SE rankings for any keywords you desire, but pick up traffic from the articles themselves.

Are minor article directories worth bothering about? I could concentrate on the highest PR article directories.

The higher PR directories will give you the most link juice, however each link you acquire from the same domain (e.g. ezinearticles.com) to the one website counts for less and less each time. So it makes sense to submit the spun article to hundreds of directories at the same time, especailly when there is little effort involved. You can submit to literally hundreds of the low end directories with most article submitters.

If you get a bit of a network going, where you distribute articles to minor article directories to promote your key articles on the high PR directories, the results can be awesome.

Is Article Marketing still as effective following recent Google updates?

Yes, article marketing will always be effective if done correctly. Search engines and people for that matter always value quality content. Article marketing will and will always follow the age old principal of CRAP IN = CRAP OUT. Interesting and informative articles can be posted anywhere on the internet – including article directories, blogs and so on. Any marketing strategy should always include diversification, with article marketing being just one string in your bow.

Can you explain what SpinChimp does?

SpinChimp allows the user to rewrite articles quickly and easily. It is not intended as a pushbutton rewriter producing sub-quality non-readable articles. SpinChimp has many features allowing the user to produce rewrites of phrases, sentences, paragraphs or entire sections and then ‘spins’ these rewrites to produce multiple readable articles from the single spin document.

What makes SpinChimp better than other spinning software?

Many Internet Marketing tools are simply rubbish and we were sick of the low quality tools available at exorbitant prices.

SpinChimp is such high quality because it is feature rich and consistent throughout. Both of us have backgrounds in interface design so we have massively drawn on this throughout the design process. We were also both big article spinners, so we detailed absolutely everything we would want in a spinner. When combined with extensive feature request implementation, this resulted in a feature set that pleases everybody, not just the majority. The design requirements also looked at what a marketing company would want in a spinner, not just individuals. The end product is something that achieves this, as well as being easy to use for the individual.

SpinChimp is cheaper, faster and of higher quality than any other spinning application.

Why should I spin my articles? I’d be much quicker submitting the same article to all the article directories, would I not?

I wish it were that easy! While no one in the internet marketing community really knows the exact algorithm of the search engines, various tests by many people have shown that better ranking results are achieved through distributing different articles to all of the directories. And if referred traffic is your goal, Google will only show one copy of anything it deems to be duplicate content. That is a fact delivered to us in a video from Google themselves. So, if you distribute the same article everywhere, only one copy will show in the SE’s.

Does article spinning not result in poor quality articles because the articles are being spun by software rather than a human?

Spinning is certainly a skill that requires some time to master. Taking the time to create a readable spun article is definitely worth the effort. The latest version of SpinChimp has grammar detection to assist users in replacing nouns with nouns, verbs with verbs and so on. Manually rewriting entire sentences or entire paragraphs is also a great way to ensure that readability is retained.

Using these methods, a single seed article may produce 100 or more highly readable articles that are at least 30%-50% unique.

For those who are interested in seeing how sophisticated spin articles can become, try searching for Ultra Spinnable Articles in Google. Ultra Spinnables can produce 1000’s of copies of the seed article that you will swear are complete rewrites of the original article.

How do you deal with the sales and delivery of your products and customer service?

We use ClickBank for sales and delivery. ClickBank allows us to use affiliates to help sell our product. The application is delivered via a download from our SpinChimp.com website.

Any horror stories from your business?

We certainly learnt a lesson regarding long beta trials. One company goal is to produce applications that are of high quality and as such we delayed release of SpinChimp until all beta testers were happy with the product. What we didn’t know is that a major player in the field had secretly signed up for the beta program. Long story short, but the week before we released our product, the competition (who had more money and less concerns about quality than us) released a major update including all of our killer and cutting edge features. Lesson learnt: be careful who you trust.

What kind of research did you do to establish a business need for SpinChimp?

We were both spending a lot of time spinning articles for our own websites, and didn’t really like any of the existing spinning products. I remember Mark saying “Let’s do it” over a discussion at lunch, and that was it. Of course we still researched the other products out there – we saw that nothing even came close to what we wanted in a spinner. We also saw that people weren’t really that happy with the products they were using.

What format SpinChimp is in?

It is an electronic download which then runs on your own computer. We have worked hard to have SpinChimp run completely offline and only contact the web on occasion to receive updates.

What methods to do you use to market your SpinChimp?

There has been quite a lot, some successful, some not so much. Coming from a position where we had no real online presence in the IM niche, methods like joint ventures and email lists haven’t really played much part. Paid search also seemed to be fairly unsuccessful, despite many tweaks and tests. I am not sure if this is because of the niche, if it is just to be expected from this kind of ad, or maybe we just weren’t very good at it. The most successful for us has been forum advertising – obviously IM related forums.

Manually finding and contacting IM blogs has had some mixed success. A lot of the big names, even though they have seen our product and agree it is among the best on the market, have prior joint ventures and relationships with similar products. They don’t want to upset or break these relationships, so don’t like to promote their competition, as you would expect. There have been a few good leads though, and these only help to build up reputation.

I am sure, however, that once we have a real presence and reputation from SpinChimp, that future product launches will not be anywhere near as difficult. Unfortunately, in a niche this size, unless you have someone willing to promote you for nothing, until you get a foot in the door it can be really hard.

Is there anything you would do differently when launching another product?

When we launch our next product, things are going to be very different. People now know who we are, we have a list, and we have proven we know what we are doing. SpinChimp was a very difficult launch as we had none of this, but I don’t think there was much we could have done better.

How do you keep focused?

Working towards and/or maintaining the lifestyle of working for ourselves. We also subconsciously drive each other, as no one wants to be the slacker. Working for ourselves, when and where we want keeps us motivated.

SpinChimp is a revolutionary article spinner designed from the ground up. SpinChimp is very easy to use, extremely quick and massively configurable. It can be used to create unique content for posting to article sites, web blogs, newsletters or whatever other endeavour you use to generate backlinks.

SpinChimp initially costs $25 and includes three months subscription to the synonym database that makes SpinChimp so effective. You can get a free trial of the software so you can try before you buy. For that free trial and more information about SpinChimp click here.

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