iYingHangHuang Ying Hang (iYingHang) is a young Malaysian entrepreneur who started Sifu Media, an outsourcing agency offering tech, graphic design and marketing support. They recently launched a service which allows marketers to outsource the creation of blogs.
How long have you been doing business on the internet for?

I’ve been doing business or marketing online for almost 4 years. I started this whole venture in December of 2007 after being introduced to this amazing business model by some books.
Why the internet as a channel for your business?

I think that the internet is one of the best channels for me because I love marketing, business and finance but I couldn’t start any business at that time as I was still schooling. So what’s the best solution for me? Definitely the internet as I need to spend barely any time on it after everything is setup.
Do you work full-time as an internet marketer?

Currently, I am still pursuing my studies thus I can’t really consider myself as a full-time internet marketer.
You offer a service providing blog creation. Can you tell me a little about that?

Well, blog creation is only part of what my web development company, Sifu Media offers. The others services we offer are like security analysis, technical support, online marketing coaching and social media marketing. My team and I decided on offering these services because nowadays, most people want an easy life. They don’t like fussing on technical stuff and thus I believe this service of mine can surely solve their problems. As for the research, since we already have some clients, we think that there is definitely a market for it.
What are the benefits of using your service instead of creating the blog myself?

Well, this is a very popular question we always get from our potential clients. What are the benefits of using our service? Whatʼs our USP (Unique Selling Proposition)? Frankly, by using our services, you will definitely save your time. Why spend time on something you’re not familiar with? If you don’t understand WordPress and PHP, why bother wasting time on it? Thus, by using our services, you will find that you can focus more of your time on beneficial activities like building relationship with your customers rather than fussing over your websites.
I understand that you have a team of colleagues in Sifu?

Yep you’re right. I am not a lone ranger; we have many people working in this company. I have cool graphic designers, technical pros and also marketers who promote our company. As for me, mostly I focus on the technical and management aspect.
How have you marketed Sifu Media?

I have been marketing my services through offline and online. For offline efforts, they are like classified ads, newspapers and so on. Online marketing is through my newsletter list, forums, joint ventures and so on.
What are your future plans, either in internet marketing or otherwise?

Personally, my future plans is to get myself a very good education in United States Ivy League universities and then to expand my business globally.

iYingHang is a rising online entrepreneur and you can find him at http://www.SifuMedia.com

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