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Here is another installment of The Article Guy’s Article Marketing Interview Series. Today I interview internet marketer William Bell.

1. How did you get started writing articles?

I first got started writing articles after taking an English composition course in college over 30 years ago. I later became a staff writer for a religious journal that helped spark a new movement in Covenant Eschatology. I was on staff for about 6 years, and usually wrote an article a month, sometimes more, or sometimes less.

My latest stint with articles came through a reference from Tom Antion, who suggested that we write articles to get links back to our websites. So, I started submitting articles and got about 30 completed in 2 months. I now have about 45 or so. Most are on Covenant Eschatology, but a few of the ones that have exceeded those in read response has been two articles I’ve submitted on Network Marketing.

2. What has been your biggest mistake?

My biggest mistake has been doubting whether I could write anything that other people would enjoy or appreciate reading. However after submitting a few articles, I’ve learned that people will read them. Of course I have much room for improvement which is why I signed up with your program.

3. What has been your biggest success and/or accomplishment?

I wrote a small book recently for which I received 30 credits and completed a Masters in Theology. That was pretty big for me. I’m yet looking for the opportunity to write something or for someone that will give me a decent income from writing. I do however sell a few products from a weekly newsletter I publish through an auto responder. So, by giving away free content, it allows me to plug a product that people will buy, like audio CD’s, and small booklets. I have yet to publish an ebook.

4. Where do you get your ideas?

I get them from life experiences, other writers, personal study, challenges, mock debates, business experience, idea sessions, and a host of other resources.

5. What has article writing and article marketing done for you and your business?

I’m yet very knew at this process and have just begun to earn a little cash from Adsense. However, it has certainly convinced me that this is a viable way to get web traffic and as I persist, I believe it will improve. I’m looking forward to posting my next article very soon.

Points we can use

1. Many different sources of ideas.

2. Even experienced and prolific writers can still keep learing.

3. Don’t doubt, do.

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