Today we welcome Andrew Gotti to talk about a strand of affiliate marketing that promotes products or services on a lead generation basis rather than the more common sales basis.

Hi Andrew. How long have you been doing business on the internet for?

I have been working in internet marketing for just over two years now. It became my part time job while studying because it seemed like a job where I could work my own hours and on my own terms. I was drawn in by one of the usual ‘get rich quick online’ products and from there I just wanted to learn more.

Why the internet as a channel for your business?

Quite simply, the internet is huge and there is too much untapped potential to pass up on. It allows you to work when you want to work, and work from the comfort of your own home. The internet opens up many opportunities that you would not find offline which is why it has become something that all primarily offline businesses need to venture into.

Do you work full-time as an internet marketer?

At this point, I am part-time as I am still studying at University while working as an internet marketer. Although internet marketing provides me with a significant income, I still want to finish my studies. Internet marketing is the perfect job for a student because it does not require a lot of time and can be done whenever and wherever you like.

What are your main areas of business?

I have always believed in ‘not having all of your eggs in one basket’ so I have spread my business out into many different areas of internet marketing. I specialize in affiliate marketing and CPA marketing but also have a good knowledge in SEO and building micro-niche websites. My area of expertise is concentrating on multiple, small techniques to make money quickly. I believe that it is better to have multiple smaller income streams instead of one large source of income.

List building is a big factor in affiliate marketing and I always stress the importance of creating an email list of your customers so you can continue to market new products to them, even after the initial sale.

Apart from using my own marketing techniques to generate income, I also sell various products in the Internet Marketing niche which help others to start earning money online themselves.

Can you explain first of all what CPA marketing is?

CPA is based on the ‘Cost Per Action’ or ‘Cost Per Acquisition’ principle that is most commonly used in businesses as a form of lead generation. Some CPA offers are based on being paid per sale you refer but some will pay you for simply providing the company with a lead.

CPA marketing is not new but it has recently become a large part of internet marketing. Companies have found it to be a valuable way to find new customers without having to do any of the advertising work themselves. Basically with CPA marketing, we are doing the advertising for the company and we are paid based on performance.

Where is CPA marketing currently being used?

The main three industries that use CPA marketing are the weight loss niche, dating niche and business opportunities niche. All three are highly competitive which is the main reason why they use CPA marketing to promote their products.

As an example, a company with a weight loss product may be happy to pay you $50 for every person that you can entice to sign up to their free product trial.  The company is confident that it can make money once the person has had their free trial which is why they are happy to pay you so much for referring the customer. The advantage of CPA marketing for a company is that it does not need to do any marketing work itself as it relies of people like myself to do it for them!

In the end, I am happy because I get paid for the referral, the customer is happy because they get a free trial of the product and the company is happy because they will make money from the customer in the long term.

How has CPA marketing traditionally been done?

Traditionally, CPA marketing is done online by sending both paid and free web traffic to the offer page. This can be done by using website banners and ads to send traffic directly to the CPA offer or alternatively, some people make websites dedicated to a CPA offer and get traffic through the search engines. Marketing offline is a great way to market CPA offers as the level of competition offline is negligible compared to the high competition online.

Can anyone do CPA marketing?

Anyone can do CPA marketing. All you need to get started is to join a CPA network – there are thousands of them! It is actually one of the best marketing areas to start off with because you do not actually need to sell anything in order to get a commission.

A good CPA marketer is wise with investing and does lots of testing before going all out with a campaign. It is important to make sure something works on a small scale before you try it on a large scale.

How did you chose the industry that you currently work in?

I chose the industry based on my target market. It is easier to find a hungry market and then find a CPA offer for them instead of choosing a CPA offer and then trying to find a target market. Once you know what your target market wants, all you need to do is find the best CPA offers for them!

You have launched CPA Blueprint – a product which provides a new spin on traditional CPA marketing. Can you tell me a little about your new methods?

The method that I reveal in CPA Blueprint takes everything back to the basics and shows a very simple way to market CPA offers to a popular and ever-increasing market. There is no technical knowledge needed so anyone will be able to implement the method. It is based on marketing offers offline which greatly reduces the amount of competition that you will face online!

What kind of research did you do to establish a business need for CPA Blueprint?

Since I had already used the idea extensively myself to make money, I developed the product quickly as I already knew that it worked and worked well. The only research that I needed to do was to make sure that there were no other similar products already in the market.

Can you tell me what format your product is in?

The product is a short PDF which gives a step by step outline to success with this marketing technique.

The product creation phase was simple as it just required the production of a step by step blueprint to teach other people how to do what I have been doing.

What are your main methods to market CPA Blueprint?

I marketed my product with a variety of techniques. I used my own email list, social media, forums and also had my own affiliates who were marketing my product for me.

It is important to give some review copies of your product to well known and respected internet marketers. This helps your product gain credibility and will encourage more people to buy it if they know that it has been positively endorsed by other trusted marketers.

Is there anything you would do differently when launching another product? Have you launched any other products since?

I have launched multiple products but there is not much I would do differently. The start of your product launch is the most important part as it will determine the products overall success. If you receive a lot of positive feedback for your product at the start then it will greatly accelerate sales.

What are your future plans, either in internet marketing or otherwise?

I would like to continue to expand my business and venture in to other areas of internet marketing. The industry is huge and there is still so much that I have not learned. I would also like to complete my studies.

Thanks Andrew. Can you sum up your CPA Blueprint product for me?

CPA Blueprint will introduce a very simple method that anyone can use to make some easy money offline with CPA. All of the market research has been done for you and I will tell you exactly which types of CPA offers work the best for the target market.

It will not take more than 20 minutes each day to implement and you can also cheaply outsource all of the work if you are unable to do it yourself! It is a method that gives quick results, you will be able to see how much money you were able to make on the same day that you implement the technique.

My CPA blueprint product is featured on the Warrior Forum: Its currently available for $17, although that price will rise to $77.

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